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Take 3 Simple Steps

Step1 is join Your Healthy Planet - www.yourhealthyplanet.com Step 2 is to advertise on Your Healthy Planet - www.yourhealthyplanet.com All members of Your Healthy Planet are automatically affiliates and can Earn an EXTRA Income - www.yourhealthyplanet.com

7 Reasons To JOIN Your Healthy Planet Today!

  • 1. GET PAID 4 DOING GOOD. You can earn up to $5,000 a month or more over time by helping us build the world's largest Ethical Marketplace. Our "Rewards Payment Plan" returns over 60% of all advertising revenue back to our members. Use this extra income to purchase products and services from fellow members, use it to expand and grow your business, club or organization and to support your community.

  • 2. AN OPPORTUNITY to help others succeed ... and in the process CREATE WEALTH for yourself too! Together everyone achieves more = TEAM

  • 3. Help improve the ENVIRONMENT. For every member that promotes their products or services on our Ethical Marketplace we plant a tree. Together we will plant millions of trees! PLUS 50% of all profits go into the Sustainable Children's Fund to build manage and fund holistic education centres or what we call Living Learning Centres.

  • 4. Join a GLOBAL MOVEMENT with a purpose. Having a common goal, PLUS a structure to operate in will allow the creation of a healthy, sustainable and abundant future for everyone. Remember that you can only get what you focus on.

  • 5. SAVE MONEY on healthy, green or sustainable products and services. All our members will soon have access to discounts and "Special Offers" on products and services promoted by other members on our Ethical Marketplace.

  • 6. Make a POSITIVE DIFFERENCE by PROMOTING your product or service for FREE! Promote it locally, nationally and globally on our Ethical Marketplace and we'll show you how to advertise it for free. Highlight the healthy green sustainable aspects of what you do, and invite a handful of others to do the same. This 'FOCUS' will attract more attention to health, wellness and sustainable living and grow a healthy green prosperous future even faster.

  • 7. Finally, it's FREE TO JOIN and you can learn how to improve your HEALTH and your family's health easily. You have access to walking programs, weight-loss and fitness programs, healthy homes, gardening and sustainable living and much much more.
Click here now and take a journey with Your Healthy Planet into the year 2050 ... start to imagine what you would be doing each day living in a healthy, green, sustainable and abundant environment. Imagine a future where you are following your passion fully and able to 'making a difference' locally and globally, and not having to work for money, or simply 'earn a living'.

What price would you put on having the freedom to work your own hours and help solve the problems you see around you? What price would you put on having the time and the freedom to parent your children fully, to be there when they need you and to nourish and care for them fully?

Many have said that would be priceless? That's the sort of future you have awaiting for you at Your Healthy Planet.


Posted On : 07 Nov 2016
As a co-operative, the system promotes abundance by directing a large percentage of the advertising income back to the members in a very generous affiliate plan. Connecting those who are doing good, promoting them and rewarding them.
Posted By : Joan Jacobs


Posted On : 27 Aug 2014

I do not really understand it all, but building a World that works for everyone is a BIG game that is worth playing, you agree. Working together must give us all a better future so I am in. Look for me, an amazing health coach.

Posted By : Helen McArthur


Posted On : 09 Aug 2011

As a member of Your Healthy Planet you access FREE services and the opportunity to EARN a healthy extra income that can grow and grow to provide security to you and your family. It is a part of the cooperation revolution!

Posted By : Alex Sprunt


Posted On : 28 Oct 2010

If you are enjoying Your Healthy Planet.com, the Good News and the free programs in the Living Institute please log in (as a member) and leave a brief testimonial.

Posted By : Alex Sprunt


Posted On : 27 Oct 2010

When I stop and look around I see that working together really works, and makes sense ... for everyone.

Posted By : Alex Sprunt

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