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Good News - Business - Kimberly-Clark is moving to bamboo

Alternative fibre from bambooKimberley-Clark, one of the top paper producers in the world has just announced it will be sourcing 50% of it's wood fibre from alternative sources by 2025 and says that bamboo is it's choice.

There are a number of viable alternatives for paper pulp fibre and bamboo and hemp are right up there at the top. Both of these plants grow very quickly and out produce timber as a source of fibre.

There are also substantial environmental reasons of course for going towards bamboo and hemp as fibre sources ... we are starting to slowly bring back the "lungs of our planet". 

It is alarming to read that the third largest supplier of fibre products is Brazil, after United States and Canada, when the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil is perhaps the most valuable natural resource providing much more than we currently understand.

Just to hear that 70% of all the diversity of animal life lives in trees, you start to realise the devastation that comes from clearing forests. It isn't just the trees that disappear, it is the entire ecosystem being damaged.

Congratulations to Kimberley-Clark for their 2025 goal to be 50% dependant on alternative fibre sources by then

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