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In just two years this very switched on young Chinese man left Uber to create the Uber of bikes ... and is now worth $2billion.
Storm Sondors is one of the most successful businessmen when it comes to Crowd Funding as he proved with his innovative eBike campaign, but will his eCar start up be equally successful? It looks like it will ...
Car share company Uber is investing heavily in a future that will eliminate 90% of cars from our cities. Toyota is also getting involved ...
Bucky Fuller said that the technologies we create are often used by the military before being used for humanitarian means. Drones for tree planting is one great example.
Would you give up your house to a stranger in need like Tony did? Tony moved back with mum so he could give a family of five a home for ...
Buckminster Fuller said that there is a \"lag time\" for everything, a delay in the discovery of something new and it being accepted. In the mobile phone industry the lag time is probably in the order of months, perhaps even weeks. In the residential housing industry
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