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FAQ and Help

Start today, and help create a world that works for everyone. Let's rebuild communities in a healthy, green, sustainable way, one person at a time, one community and one country at a time.

You will receive real value when you read this section and it will help you get the most from your participation with Your Healthy Planet.com whether you are a guest or visitor, a FREE member or an advertising or paid member.

As a FREE member you will enjoy access to a range of healthy, green and sustainable products and services, member discounts plus low cost advertising. Many more benefits to be added as we grow. In time we will have low interest loans and 'healthy, green grants' for those starting up healthy, sustainable businesses or transforming their existing business, club or organization.

For the answers to your FAQ click on the statement that best describes who you are, viz:

  1. I want to help grow Your Healthy Planet.com.
  2. I'm BROWSING for the first time.
  3. I'm interested in ADVERTISING, but I have a few questions.

I want to help Your Healthy Planet.com

I'm browsing for the first time.

I'm interested in ADVERTISING, but I have a few questions.

I have computer or technical skills that could help.

You Can possibly assist us in the following areas:

  • Web design and maintenance. Please contact webmaster@yourhealthyplanet.com with details of your skills and your availability.
  • Editors and film makers. Do you love finding 'good news' stories from local, national and global sources? If you do, and you have literary and or film making skills and would like to become an editor on Your Healthy Planet.com please contact webmaster@yourhealthyplanet.com with your details and we'll get back to you. "Good News" creates more good news!

I have 'special' marketing skills and want to help Your Healthy Planet.com grow faster.

If you have a desire to help Your Healthy Planet.com grow you can obviously share what we are doing and what our vision for the future is and get other 'stakeholders' to JOIN US. Everyone doing a little bit will certainly help us grow quickly. If you have a JV proposal that could accelerate our growth even faster please contact admin@yourhealthyplanet.com with your details and an outline of your proposal and we will get back to you quickly.

I would like to help grow Your Healthy Planet.com in my country.

We believe that everyone around our 'One Island in One Sea' should have equal opportunities and Your Healthy Planet.com is determined to assist wherever we can. Work together with healthy and sustainable individuals and businesses or organizations in your area and subscribe to Your Healthy Planet together. Share the economic success that you can generate and grow together. Contact admin@yourhealthyplanet.com with details.

Why should I be one of the first 3650 businesses, clubs and organizations to subscribe?

Your Healthy Planet.com is a member's club and advertising directory and we need your help. If we are going to create a world that works for everyone ... and CREATE WORLD ABUNDANCE by 2020 we must start now, and put in the best we can, together, and we will all win ... that's guaranteed.

The reward for being one of the first 3650 healthy businesses to join us is that you could also be the first to EARN A PASSIVE INCOME for your business, club or organization.

There are also AMAZING free benefits when you become a Founding Advertising Member, including entries into the drw for the chance to WIN a New Tesla S Sedan, an electric plug-in valued at $55,000USD.

Simply by becoming a Founding Advertising Member NOW!

Your advertising effectively becomes FREE when you introduce three other individuals, healthy businesses, organizations or clubs and they become advertising members too. Show them what you did and before you know it you'll be receiving an extra income.

What are the features of a Standard, Premium and GOLD Subscription?

Standard advertising subscription gives you two pages of information (text, plus up to two photos per page) in one or two categories. You do not have to complete both pages, or both listings although we recommend you do, that way you give your customers more opportunity to know what you do or sell.

The Premium Subscription has all the features described above plus an extra page for "Specials" or "Events" which automatically deletes once the due date is past. You also receive preferred selection over Standard Subscribers.

GOLD Subscriptions are limited to twenty in each category in each state or region. GOLD Subscribers receive all features described above plus an extra customized page, BANNER advertising in their selected categories and of course preferred selection. Ask us about GOLD Subscriptions and Alliance Sponsorships.

How much will it cost me to advertise on Your Healthy Planet.com?

Being eligible to advertise on our Ethical Marketplace is one of the benefits of being a FREE member of Your Healthy Planet.com.

To advertise in a local newspaper may cost you $100 a month or more. An ad in a magazine may be thousands or dollars, and pay per click advertising can quickly 'blow your budget'. Many comparable directories charge similar or greater amounts to Your Healthy Planet.com without any opportunity to be rewarded for helping to create the healthy, green future we want.

Our co-operative marketing plan is designed to be low cost or even free ... and can generate an extra income source that you can use to pay for additional advertising or promotions.

Introduce just three (3) other advertising subscribers and your standard advertising subscription and all it's benefits are effectively FREE. You will be rewarded and benefit financially from the unprecedented growth of the wellness and sustainably living industries.

Even without receiving any rewards your advertising on Your Healthy Planet is less than a dollar fifty five per day.

That's less than the cost of a two or three line add in many local newspapers. The full range of subscriptions are set out below. Each subscription includes two advertisement listings in Your Healthy Planet's healthy business directory with a minimum of two pages of information, 4 photographs or images, email and web links included.

Choose your subscription level and investment.

Founding Advertising

Normal Monthly Subscription Rates*
Standard Subscription $17.00 USD
$47.00 USD
Premium Subscription $27.00 USD
$77.00 USD
GOLD Subscription $57.00 USD
$147.00 USD
* Subscriptions paid monthly.

Once you're registered as a Free Member go to the Affiliate Plan area and download a banner to post on your website. Make sure you include your affiliate link to Your Healthy Planet.com.

You will also see a suggested email that you can cut and paste, plus a simple information FLYER to hand out to individuals, businesses, sporting or social clubs or not for profit organizations you know and would be happy to recommend.

How many listings can I have for my product or service on Your Healthy Planet.com?

You can currently have up to two advertisements listed under the one Advertising subscription. In the future you will be able to have additional listings for your business on Your Healthy Planet.com.

A chain of health clubs, health food stores, bicycle shops or holiday resorts would simply subscribe and use the two listings for its first two locations and then they will register additional listings for any further locations.

How do I pay my subscription to Your Healthy Planet.com?

We currently accept PayPal and AlertPay on Your Healthy Planet.com. Both these payment gateways are secure and will let you pay by VISA and MasterCard, or direct bank deposit.

How Do I Advertise on Your Healthy Planet.com?

First of all become a Free member and complete your details ... you will then be able to register as a Founding Advertising Member and invest from as little as $4.70. Follow the instructions and continue to where you can enter your advertisement details.

If you have a business, passion, club or group you want to advertise go ahead and secure a Founding Advertising subscription.

How Do I Choose The Most Suitable Category or Categories For My Business

Your Healthy Planet.com is being designed to maximize your marketing dollar and to promote or forward every aspect of health, wellness and sustainability. We recommend you take some time to view the categories that suit your business. Click here and then click on the categories to see a brief description of each one.

What Is The Purpose Of Having Different Categories?

The purpose of having different categories is to make it easier for your customers or potential customers to find you. Some are interested in "Healthy Homes and Household Products", some in "Health Clubs and Gymnasiums", "Finance and Wealth Creation". Within each category we have specific search criteria that is designed to match customers and businesses quickly. For instance if your business is a health club or gymnasium you can enter the gender - male female or mixed, specific services provided - aerobics, lap pool, sauna, spa, meditation and more. New features to be added include -- If your business is providing healthy household products you can enter - energy type and rating, pricing, availability.

You can list a minimum of two services with each advertising subscription.

An example might be a Chiropractic centre that also offers massage (or another service). The business would be registered and each service listed under the category 'Wellbeing Centres'. If the chiropractic centre also sold or distributed herbal products or supplements they could list that service under 'Healthy Eating and Nutrition'. Remember that you can edit the categories or the service offered very easily and update photographs by mailing them or emailing them to Your Healthy Planet.com.

Click here NOW and find out more about completing your subscription.

What Benefits Do I Get by Joining Your Healthy Planet.com?

Your Healthy Planet.com has a member's club that's here to support you to live a healthy, sustainable and abundant life. Membership is FREE. Our Member's Club is called The Living Institute where we focus on what works to have your life work.

In reality those things that work often cost a lot less than those that don't, yet our society is very focused on the products, the services and the businesses that do very little to enhance your physical, financial or emotional health, your mental or spiritual health and all those things required to ensure a sustainable and healthy future.

A majority of people (60 to 70%) see their physical and emotional health and a clean environment as the most important aspect of their lives today, yet many don't have access to simple, cost effective measures that would improve these.

As a member of Your Healthy Planet you will have access to current information on all aspects of health, wellness and sustainability, you join a World-wide health club on the web, you are eligible to receive discounts on member's products and services, you access 'what's on' so you can choose to participate more fully in life. At present we have downloadable exercise programs and healthy recipes plus much much more and more to be added. Here's a taste ...

Member's Area - The Living Institute

This is your club ... a unique opportunity of health and sustainability for you and everybody in your community. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. You wouldn't be here participating and reading this if you didn't already have an interest in creating a great life and a world that works.Welcome and thank you for joining us.

FREE Download Quality of Life Questionnaire ... yours to keep!

How Do I Best Search On Your Healthy Planet.com.com to find the Business, Product Or Service I'm after?

You have a number of alternatives available to you on Your Healthy Planet.com. We recommend you experiment a little because we are all individuals and have our own preferences. What you prefer may not suit your best friend and vice-versa. You can give each of these a go:

  1. Search by Category when you click on the Ethical Marketplace or Directory and you will find out which products and service are available in your area, and be able to compare the suppliers quickly.
  2. Quick Search by General Keyword will search for businesses that supply a particular product or service. Each advertising member describes what they do, how they do it and what they sell and you will search for these terms in page1 of their advertisment and in the summary.
  3. Quick Search by Business Name will search for all listings matching the business name you input. You may only remember part of the name and it will show up to 100 matches.
  4. Quick Search by Location will search for all entries located in the City (or Suburb) that you enter.

How do I enter an event on "What's On"? Is it FREE?

Yes it is FREE, and available as a service to all members wishing to enter events, courses and festivals. You must login first and under "My Account" you will see "Add and Event" in the drop down menu. Only enter events that promote health and wellness. If you believe that an additional category is needed contact us and we will review it. Note: The easiest way to follow these instructions is to open your browser again and refer back to this help page as you proceed through the steps.

To enter your event details,

  1. Click on "Add Event" and follow the instructions entering the country, state or zone and select an appropriate category. If the event is for an International audience select 'Yes' for International.
  2. Click on "List an event with us" and read the instructions, especially note if this is the area or state/region you wish to list your event in. To list your event in another area simply follow the link that says "click here"
  3. Fill in the relevant details for your event and click on the List Event box.

If you have difficulty don't be afraid to cancel it and start again. A good time saver is to have your information on a word document and cut and past small sections in.

Contacting Your Healthy Planet.com

Click here to make a request, or ask a question that is not answered here. Our office is busy, however we are committed to providing you with the best service possible and will respond to all email requests within 48 hours, or you get a months free advertising subscription whether you are an existing subscriber or brand new member.

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